3 Herb Grinders that Vapers Will Love

best weed grinder for vapingHere’s the deal:
It’s that time of day again where you need to get your vape on so you set your tools out in front of you.
You start to check off everything that you need mentally.
Vaporizer. Check.
Flower. Check.
Wait a minute. I don’t have a grinder! How am I supposed to achieve the perfect vaping session without a grinder?
Guess what?
I have a solution. You need a grinder and it just so happens that there are 3 great grinders for your marijuana vaporizer that you can pick up to solve your problem.
Let’s take a look.

Kannastor Grinder

best herb grinder

First up, we have the Kannastor grinder. It’s cheap, durable, and easy to use. Great, right?
Kannastor surely had the consumer in mind when making this product. This company invested in aerospace tech to make this product durable; making it last through many vaping sessions.
The great thing about this grinder is that it is very easy to clean and you don’t have to worry about your flower getting stuck in the teeth. It also comes equipped with a clear jar so you can see exactly how much herb you have in the grinder and even comes with a screw that lets you determine the coarseness of your herb. Ready to clean? Easy. All you have to do is replace the screen; just use a pair of screen pliers and you are set.
Food for thought. If you are new to the vaping scene, this grinder might be a little confusing to use at first considering the different compartments. However, practice makes perfect, right?
You can pick up this bad boy for between $17-$98.

Santa Cruz Grinder

best weed grinder

Do you prefer to use fine herbs in your vape? Pick up the Santa Cruz Shredder grinder.
This grinder is perfect for grinding your flower down to the finest particles you can get. It’s made of aluminum which protects it from scratches and drops. It also has a special tooth design that allows you to grind those herbs with making a pulpy mess of your flower. It comes in 2, 3, and 4 piece options depending on how many chambers you prefer. As you grind, the herb falls, and a steel mesh further crushes the flower. Best part? It has a magnet and thread that prevents your herb from falling out while you grind and prevents your material from rubbing against each other.
You can pick up this nifty grinder for between $23-$87 (depending on how many pieces you want and size).

Grinder Card

grinder card

Need a stealthier, cheaper option?
Check out this grinder card by Black Rock.
This grinder is simple to use and the best part: it fits inside your wallet.
Constructed of medical grade stainless steel, you can grind your herb without the horrible aftertaste, and you can easily clean it using alcohol. It’s simple to use by using the edges of the card to grind your herb to the consistency that you need.
Keep in mind that if you use this grinder, you will have to improvise where to place your unused herb for storage as it doesn’t come with a container. This shouldn’t be a problem for you though as you can always bring your own.
This card also can get quite messy, so you will need to clean it every time that you use it. Don’t want residue on your debit card, right?
What’s the bottom line?

Now you have a few options to choose from to complete that checklist.
Vape. Check.
Herbs. Check.
Grinder. Check.
Now, let’s vape!