Naval Safety Center Prohibits Vaping On Ships and Planes To Avoid Battery Explosions.

Navy is forbidding all e-cigarettes and vaping devices from its aircraft, ships, and boats after multiple explosions caused by overheating batteries which lead to physical injuries to sailors. The injuries have occurred when the devices were being used, charged or replaced, or when they came into contact with metal objects, according to the Navy. This rule applies to Sailors, Marines, Military Sealift Command civilians and any personnel working on or visiting those units.


Naval Safety Center reports that at least 15 cases occurred between October 2015 and June 2016. This results in sailors’ first- and second-degree burns and facial injuries from e-cigarette battery explosions. The US Department of Transportation banned vaporizers from aircrafts last year, though it did so to prevent passengers from unwanted exposure to aerosol fumes.


Weather also can the cause of e-cigarette explosions. So, pay attention to the weather.  Utmost cold and extreme heat can damage a lithium-ion battery and once damaged, the battery itself becomes unsafe if the e-cigarette is being used or charged. This does not only increase the chances for explosions but can also lead to fires.

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