E-Liquid Contains Chemical Flavourings That Risks Vaper Health.

Literally, most flavorings in e-liquid do not cause harm, but there are a select few that, while safe to consume, are not as safe to inhale. Responsible companies are going to do everything they can to provide vapers with quality products as well as producing quality e-liquids.

However, even the e-liquid companies cannot make studies materialize that do not exist. As scientists, as vapers just as general humans we have no idea what the potential harm is to inhale many of these so called approved flavorings, let alone what inhalation of the items will be like after vaporized.

It is deniable that flavorings are the essential selling speck of e-cigarettes. Besides that, e-liquid that consists of flavour chemicals declared as safe for ingestion by Flavor Extracts Manufacturers Association may not be considered as safe for vapers for use in electronic cigarettes. In addition, high exposure levels to some chemicals that are found in some flavouring could cause respiratory irritation to vapers.


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Besides, the chemicals that used in the making of e-liquids are the same flavors that are added to our foods. Means that, FDA has decided that they are primarily recognized as safe to consume by all.

Flavor chemicals are controlled under Food and Drug Administration’s Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS). Majority of them are prohibited for sale to e-cigarette companies by the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA).

Nevertheless, the authors of the new studies say that the flavorings build concern for a user’s safety. The researchers consider that these chemicals may be riskier when inhaled, as they are through an e-cigarette than when they are ingested in food.

Apart from this, diacetyl is most widely known for being collated with the lung disease bronchiolitis obliterans in workers of mixing and handling the artificial butter flavoring added to microwave popcorn, earning the disease the moniker “popcorn lung.”

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( OSHA ) sets strict rules regarding workers’ exposure to diacetyl after a plague of the disease in 2000, but there are currently no regulations for exposure through e-cigarettes.

In this study, experts made a conclusion of the levels and types of flavor chemicals used in 30 different refillable e-liquids. Referring the results, from of the total of 30 liquids tested, 17 of the 30 liquids, the flavor chemicals made up about 1% of the refill liquid volume. While the rest had to 3% flavoring chemical content. Yet, only one e-liquid tested was in the 4-5% range.

The danger of exposure is expressly worrying for young users of e-cigarettes. Because the flavors are usually marketed to the young user. Moreover, about 1.8 million kids have tried flavored e-cigarettes as of 2012.

After these investigations, it comes to sight as though all the ingredients in e-cigarettes or e-liquids are fairly benign, as far as contributing to the overall harmful effect on the health of a user. When you merge these ingredients together, the expectation is that the mixture produced will be just as harmless as the ingredients separately.

There is no way to say for assuring that e-liquid is safe for use for the long-term. Until there is a long-term study about the use of e-cigarettes available, these divergent studies about the ingredients may be the best clue to ease the worries about e-liquid for those looking to replace from traditional cigarette to electronic cigarette.

One thought on “E-Liquid Contains Chemical Flavourings That Risks Vaper Health.

  1. What a crock of shit, theres zero evidence that diketones inhaled in vapour cause any health issues, the 8 workers who got pop corn lung breathed in huge amounts of diacetyl in a fine dust (not vapour) and theres no conclusive evidence that that caused their condition, theres magnitudes more diacetyl in 1 drag from a cigarette then in any tested e liquid. Before publishing shit like this please get some proper evidence/research carried out by respectable organisations.


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