Hate Me All You Want, Just Don’t Hate My Vape

Since I have been vaping over the past couple of years I have ran across a few haters that have been quite some characters.
I really think it comes down to these people not being to well informed about vaping.
For example I use to work for a ride share company. While driving I kind of did some experimenting and tested fruit flavors similar to these e-juices. I didn’t experiment for the taste but tested the most comforting smell for my passengers. At the end of it all most of the riders loved the smell of the strawberry flavor.

The Old ‘Bougie’ Hater

Until this one day I had an older gentleman jump in my car for a ride. Now at this point vaping was a habit for me and I just puffed on my pen without thinking about it. but as soon as this bougie old man jump in the first thing he exclaimed was “Oh no you smoke in here”

I was like “nah man this a vape pen I don’t smoke”

He shouted back “Whatever it is, I just can’t smell like smoke I am on my way to an audition”

I calmly said “Alright you won’t see it again”

After all that I tried explaining what a vape pen was. The only thing that stood in his mind was vaporizing chemicals. He was telling me how watches everything he puts in his body and I shouldn’t be blowing that out with people in the car. I just let him talk on and on. Then I finally told him “My e-juice is organic and probably more healthier than whatever you had for breakfast.”

He just shrugged his shoulders until we got to his drop off. He got out and said “I better not smell like smoke”

I am not the type to argue with my passengers but he just didn’t understand. That was just a horrible experience for me because I am always trying to be courteous to my passengers but he was just acting like he knew it all when he was completely wrong about vapes.

The Hating Girlfriend

I rarely run across vape haters but when I do they come out and it just ends up being a horrible situation. Let me explain.. I was dating this girl for sometime but she smoke traditional cigarettes and I had just started vaping. At this time my taste of e-liquids seemed to be more harsh with a good throat hit since I was just trying to stop smoking cigarettes. I still felt like I needed that kick.

There was a couple of times when my girlfriend at the time tried to take some hits out of my vape pen but she didn’t like it and it caused her to cough a lot. She tried a few times to get on the vape band wagon but she just had a hard time.trying to stop smoking.

The longer our relationship went on for I started not wanting to smell any cigarettes. Being with my girlfriend at this time I ended up just putting up with it. I put up with it while it seem to me my girlfriend wasn’t trying to put up with my vaping. I honestly think she was sabotaging my vaping habits. She broke 2 e-juice bottles that I had barely bought. Of course it was supposedly by accident but I was skeptical about that. I think she was just hating on me for vaping.

At the time I just thought she was jealous because when I started vaping I paid attention more to my health by eating right and working out. I walked around feeling good and pleased with the direction I was going. I felt like a Champ.

Then the day came were all my assumptions thoughts and ideas were all validated. On this day I decided to take my girl out to have a couple of drinks. Our relationship seemed fragile so I thought going out just the two of us could maybe relieve some tension. In the beginning everything was fantastic until that critical point were her faced seem a little bit more red then usual. Her words were stretching out longer every time she talked. She all of the sudden started acting possessive and jealous. It all went down hill after that.

She accused me of flirting with other girls that were around us at the time. Then it came out she said “Ever since you started vaping you changed. You think you are too good for me and I have just been waiting for you to just break up with me” and then she said “that is why I broke your 2 bottles on purpose a while back”

That was the straw the broke the camels back. You can say all you want to me. You can accuse me of whatever you think I have done but when you mess with my vaping that is where I draw the line. So I had to do what I had to do. I ended it.

Most people might say those are material objects and they can be replaced but you just don’t understand vaping has help me to stop smoking which lead to getting physically fit. That process was hard but it has made me a happier person and I will let no one mess with that.

About the author – My name is David M. I currently run the online vape shop modclouds.com I have been vaping for a few years now. I am not going to lie but there has been times I smoked a regular cigarettes but the great thing is not nearly as much as I use too.


E-Liquid Contains Chemical Flavourings That Risks Vaper Health.

Literally, most flavorings in e-liquid do not cause harm, but there are a select few that, while safe to consume, are not as safe to inhale. Responsible companies are going to do everything they can to provide vapers with quality products as well as producing quality e-liquids.

However, even the e-liquid companies cannot make studies materialize that do not exist. As scientists, as vapers just as general humans we have no idea what the potential harm is to inhale many of these so called approved flavorings, let alone what inhalation of the items will be like after vaporized.

It is deniable that flavorings are the essential selling speck of e-cigarettes. Besides that, e-liquid that consists of flavour chemicals declared as safe for ingestion by Flavor Extracts Manufacturers Association may not be considered as safe for vapers for use in electronic cigarettes. In addition, high exposure levels to some chemicals that are found in some flavouring could cause respiratory irritation to vapers.

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